6 Kitesurf travel tips!

After all that long wait, it's finally time you go ON HOLIDAY! Time to start worrying about packing and traveling with your kitesurfing equipment. As real kiters we are of course known as top planners, and you will certainly still have enough time to pack all your luggage. However, for the few of us we have listed a number of kitesurfing travel tips. So that if you do have a mild or heavy form of holiday stress, these tips might relieve the stress a little.

TIP 1: Compare flight prices with your kitesurfing gear included.

Flying with all your kitesurfing gear can be a financial setback. When booking a flight ticket, it may therefore be the case that a slightly more expensive ticket will end up being cheaper with your kitesurfi
ng gear. Between us, you have heard of the clever trick of luggage as golf bag check-in at KLM. Of course, you haven't heard this from us 😛

TIP 2: Kitesurf bag as hand luggage.

You may have noticed at the airport that some people do have a kite with them in a very special place. Of course, that's not because they plan to go kiting between the planes for a day. Sometimes it's a bit of a puzzle with the kilos to get everything on holid
ay. That's why it can be a godsend to bring a kite in a kite bag as hand luggage, or even two kites.

TIP 3: Rent kitesurfing gear instead of taking it with you.

Of course, kiting with your own material is the most important thing. However, it is worth thinking about whether this is also the best solution. "What are the advantages of renting equipment?" make yourself a sometimes where you start calculating the difference in price between renting and bringing your own stuff. You'll find out this doesn't make much difference at all. Not at all if you count the effort to drag everything al
ong. In addition, renting has the great advantage that you have access to many types of
kites and boards. If you choose to rent items, we still advise you to bring your own trapeze. Simply because you can easily take it with you, and this one is the best with you.

TIP 4: Do not buy a boardbag that is too small.

Of course, having to buy a boardbag is always a very positive thing. "Why?" because this means you're going on a trip! When buying a boardbag, it is useful to take into account a number of things. Don't
buy a boardbag that's too small. Of course it is nice to be able to take everything compact and small. For example, you may have found the perfect boardbag for your 2 kites and board where everything fits exactly. Just now yo
u're already hearing what the problem is going to be. If it fits exactly, nothing will fit. If you ever expand your kite set, you are also obliged to buy a new boardbag. Even the largest boardbags can be made super small nowadays.

TIP 5: Share your luggage with someone else.

For people who not only travel, but go out with multiple kiters. Can it be a godsend to share your suitcases like real kitebuddys. B
y this we mean that one person checks in a normal suitcase and the other a boardbag. This may save on costs with flying. And otherwise this saves in purchasing an extra boardbag.

TIP 6: Protecting your kitesurfing gear.

I don't think I need to convince anyone that it's a less fun experience for a suitcase to travel compared to our own travel experience. It is therefore not strange to prepare your suitcase /boardbag as well as possible for the hellish journey that awaits
him. A good donkey bridge in this is never hard which is meant by this alternate hard objects such as boards or a foil with soft parts such as clothes or towel
s. So the idea is to create layers, so that in case of hard blows things cannot break down or tear in. Strapless surfboards in particular should be in a silky bed, on their way to their dream final dest
ination. It is also an idea to create layers through the use of kites, be careful only that no sharp parts can get along the kites (such as fins, or parts of a foil).