Roderick Pijls
‘The model’

My name is Roderick Pijls and I live all over the world. For several years now I have been completely ‘Hooked’ kite surfing. Every day I try to stand on the water when the wind blows to train for the kitesurfing competitions I participate in. I sail both International and National competitions, so I often have to travel, which of course I do not find annoying. I completed Business Administration at Erasmus University and now focus entirely on a career as a professional kite surfer. When I am not on the road for sponsors or competitions, I like to teach you at one of the KiteActive locations! I love giving people a taste of ‘our’ sport and trying to make them as enthusiastic as we have been for years. Within my kitesurfing career I also work as a model for various magazines and commercials.

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Nickname: The model
Date of birth: 09/28/1991
Homespot: Zandmotor, Scheveningen
Kite since: 2007
Teaching since: 2009
Favorite trick: low front mob
Favorite KiteActive location: Mauritius

favorite destination
Sailing & kite surfing on the Wadden Sea