Diary during the Downwinder XXL in Brazil

Dia uno – Cumbuco – Paracuru:

Departure from Casa jangada around 10 am is a fact! The great adventure is going off. In the morning at 9:00 am all 16 participants and 5 instructors/ drivers are briefed on today! With a first stop at cauipe lagoon to vent the tires and hand out the first sips of water.

From Cauipe the 4×4's are allowed on the beach and we can see all the arts of the participants! Next stop "the pier" where we go under on foot.

After a material change for a few and one-year under the belt, the rabble continues.

In the bay the first river estuary crossing with the 4×4 and then eat the pre-ordered pizzas overlooking the Lagoon of Taiba.

From Taiba, Roderick packed his kite stuff and was allowed to act as a broom wagon. With an abundance of sea turtles on the way and a somewhat hectic end due to the passing of 3 participants safely arrived at Paracuru where we spend the night in hotel dunas de paracuru.

Dia dos – Paracuru – Flecheiras:

The bullet is through the church day 1 is a fact and after a bit of carting and a group photo at the vantage point the group has gone back on the water! In the morning a short part of about 5 km after which we arrived at

Dia tres – Flecheiras – Baleia:

After an evening with enough caiprinhas and the hits of DJ jerk (bob) the group starts with healthy brackish reluctance to the village of Mundau where lunch will be provided with fried chicken from which KFC can learn something. In the afternoon the jeeps have to do a river crossing to continue where they drive past a vantage point where of course a photo is taken! It is now a bit higher water and the waves have been able to build up nicely! Toine takes the wheel of the 4×4 so roderick and I can control these amazing waves. Due to the high tide, the cars have to conquer a bit of interior so that the downwind group is on their own for a while. As if the gods are playing with it, things go wrong here and we can send Lex's kite to our dear lord after a breaking wave and a nice walking tour.

In the evening there is a delicious cup of coffee lobster with rice and a chocolate waiting

Dia Quattro – Baleia – Icarai de Amontada:

After a long brackish day yesterday, everyone is looking forward to it again after a hearty breakfast! Everyone goes to sail smaller kites and with a lot of kilometers ahead we start in front of the pousada to first deliver Lex's kite to his deserved funeral in the cemetery we are just passing. We end the day in a french windsurfing village where we have lunch and in the afternoon we sail a package back and forth or for some huge chilling

Dia Sinquo as Icarai de Amontada as Ilha De Guajiru

Something magical is going to happen here. Walking 25 meters inland where a huge mangrove forest arises where of course these beechers went to take a look and then follow the strolls of the mangroves to our tent camp with our Belgian host and a BBQ with delicious red snappers waiting for us evening huff has our always reliable the bright idea to make a block with the jeeps and then get lost where Felix to the rescue came into view!

Dia Seize – Ilha de Guajiru – Jericoacoara

we started the day with a hearty breakfast where everyone has to fill up the trip to Jericoacoara. Starting between the huge windmills and with judging water arrive at a famous lunch place where you can have a delicious lunch. After lunch, the chasseurs found it necessary to secure two jeeps in a river crossing where Felix gave up some years of his life in terms of stress level. Another small stop to put everyone on edge for the curve of jeri's sand dunes and the end begins to get in sight. Another small rescue under road and a group photo on the sand dune and cocktails can be towed. After a legendary evening in Jeri, the beaks only go late

Dia Seche as Jericoacoara as Tatajuba

It's best to experience them. Rob and Remo stayed behind to do a windsurfing session and the rest of the group went for a fat session at 35 knots plus to make the final stretch to tatajuba's unfortunately empty lagoon